OKEA is the operator of the Brage facility in the North Sea, 125 kilometres west of Bergen.

The incident occurred during a planned maintenance job on a well that was shut down. During depressurisation, the valve block came loose and struck a person in the face, causing injuries. The person was transported to Haukeland Hospital for further treatment.

The PSA takes a serious view of what has happened, prompting its decision to investigate. A team of its specialists is starting the work now.

When conducting its investigation, the PSA’s work will include

  • clarifying the course of events and the scope of the incident
  • assessing its actual and potential consequences
  • assessing its direct and underlying causes
  • identifying nonconformities and improvement points related to the regulations
  • applying necessary enforcement powers to correct possible regulatory breaches
  • making its findings public
  • contributing to experience transfer to and learning by other players in the petroleum sector.

The investigation will be summed up in a report published at psa.no.