Trust is an important value in Norwegian society – and part of the foundation for the country’s safety regime in the petroleum industry. The companies are responsible for taking care of HSE. We must be able to trust that they accept this responsibility, and that they do what they can to comply with the regulations and operate safely. That is the way the regime is structured.

Norway’s Auditor General has recently taken a closer look at the PSA’s supervisory practice, and concluded that we have been too trusting of the
companies in certain cases. It also found that the companies, for their part, have not shown the degree of responsibility required. In its report, the Auditor General emphasises the importance of a firmer and more vigorous supervision.

A closer look is also taken in these pages of Dialogue, at ICT security, an issue now attracting much greater attention. What challenges do we see, and what does our commitment in this area involve?

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