The question then is whether this has any significance for us as individuals or for the oil industry as a whole. Of course it does.

The industry’s reputation is a matter of concern for many. Safety and the working environment are also – and must be – part of the discussion on that subject. Reputation is both relevant and important. And it provides the theme for this issue.

The following pages address the significance of being well-regarded for the industry, what influences that regard, what it means for the sector’s future – and how important safety and the working environment are in this context.

We present the attitudes of government, the unions and the employers on the subject, as well as the views of researchers and the expectations of environmental campaigners.

This issue also visits a very different marine industry, and looks at how fish farmers are handling their reputational challenges. Perhaps oil and aquaculture have something to learn – from each other?

Dialogue No.1 - 2017 Cover Photo