Everything we humans do, from a short local cycle ride to demanding operations on an offshore drill floor, involves risk in one way or another.

But what does risk actually mean? How are we to understand it? How can it be measured and identified? How can we take control of and manage it?

And, not least: how can we communicate risk to the target groups we want to reach? How can we convey uncertainty, probability and consequences – clearly and concisely?

Many approaches exist to the subject of risk and risk management, and many challenges. This issue presents a status report on the level of risk in Norway’s petroleum sector – and accompanies the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association high into the mountains to provide a wider perspective on the issues involved.

We also look to other sectors, and present an interview with Camilla Stoltenberg at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health on the risk of and being prepared for pandemics.

And we have talked to Lars Harald Blikra, the man who caused a whole Norwegian community to be evacuated, about landslide threats and the importance of being safe rather than sorry – always.

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