Permanent and temporarily plugging and abandonment of wells

There are approximately 2,100 oil and gas wells on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Sooner or later these have to be plugged and abandoned in permanence. We therefore cordially invite you to a technical day or seminar on the theme of “Plugging and abandonment – New technology and verification of barriers”.

In order for the oil and gas wells to be plugged and secured robustly and responsibly in the years ahead, as an industry, we depend on continuous improvement, the sharing of experience and the development of new technologies and new methods to reduce costs and ensure robustness in the PP&A operations.

On the Norwegian Continental Shelf, the activity level and costs of future plugging operations are reckoned to be considerable, for the individual operator, for license partners and for Norwegian society.

In addition, the industry will have to prepare for a high level of activity within this domain and ensure continuity of expertise for many years to come.

Havtil supports the stakeholders’ work on the development and qualification of new technology that will streamline plugging operations, ensure competence building and reduce the costs of P&A when the “great wave” of these operations starts rolling.

Note that this seminar will be held in English.

The seminar is now fully booked. If you wish to be placed on a waiting list please send an e-mail to: