The audit was conducted in April 2023.


A number of cases of loss of position on DP-operated facilities have been reported in recent years. On our part, the topic has been followed up through audits, investigation of incidents, studies and seminars.

The audit focused on Vår Energi's acceptance of a flotel and establishment of criteria for start-up and interruption.


The objective of the audit was to help reduce the number of incidents of loss of position in respect of mobile facilities and vessels.


No non-conformities were identified during the audit, but we observed three factors that we have chosen to categorise as improvement points. These comprised:

  • Criteria for start-up and interruption
  • Follow-up of risk-reducing measures
  • Follow-up of prerequisites for use

What happens now?

We have asked Vår Energi to give us its assessment of the improvement points observed by 2 June 2023.