The audit was carried out in April and May 2021.


Supervising temporary hires and equality rules pursuant to the Working Environment Act is part of the government’s efforts to ensure a safe and responsible labour market.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has required the PSA to strengthen its commitment to combating irresponsible employment and work-related crime, to supervise and check that enterprises are complying with the legal requirements for temporary hires, and to follow up that equality requirements are met.

The PSA has the authority to supervise compliance with the terms for hiring personnel from temporary work agencies and the requirement for equal treatment when workers are hired.

This extended supervisory responsibility also covers fulfilment by the company hiring workers of its duty to provide information to the temporary work agency.


The objective of the audit was to follow up whether Transocean was complying with the requirements of the Working Environment Act when hiring personnel from temporary work agencies.

It was directed at temporary personnel working on offshore facilities and at petroleum plants on land.


The audit identified two nonconformities. These involved:

  • illegal hiring of personnel from temporary work agencies
  • deficiencies in routines for identifying, correcting and preventing breaches of the regulations on hiring from temporary work agencies.