Maersk Drilling has applied for an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) for the Mærsk Inspirer mobile drilling facility.

In connection with an AoC application, the PSA conducts audits within selected specialist domains.

From 12 to 15 May 2020, we carried out an audit of the follow-up of working environment conditions on Mærsk Inspirer. The facility was berthed for modification work at Egersund, but, due to the COVID19 situation, the audit was conducted digitally through presentations, interviews and a review of videoed material over Skype. We were not physically on board Mærsk Inspirer during the audit.


The objective of the audit was a status follow-up in respect of the conformity assessment of the facility’s technical condition, organisation and management systems relative to the regulatory working environment requirements for Mærsk Inspirer


Five non-conformities were identified, relating to:

  • Ergonomic arrangements
  • Lighting
  • Design of the shale shaker area
  • Respiratory protection
  • Protection and safety work in a free, independent position

In addition, three improvement points were identified, relating to:

  • Noise exposure harmful to hearing
  • Line managers' working environment responsibilities
  • Use of the Norwegian language

What happens now?

We have asked Maersk Drilling to report on how the non-conformities will be addressed, and to provide us with their assessment of the improvement points observed.

The reply deadline is set at 24 June 2020.