The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA), the Norwegian Environment Agency (NEA) and the county governor of Rogaland have proposed amendments to the following regulations and guidelines:

  • framework regulations
  • management regulations
  • facilities regulations
  • activities regulations
  • technical and operational regulations
  • CO2 safety regulations

These proposals have been presented to company and union representatives in the Regulatory Forum for review and comment ahead of the consultation process.


The grounds for each proposal are presented in the consultation document (in Norwegian only). Where the NEA’s proposals for regulating NOx emissions are concerned, reference is made to the attached impact assessment on requirements for measurement and calculation of NOx emissions from energy plants (section 70 of the activities regulations): assessment of financial and administrative consequences, with appendices (in Norwegian only).

The deadline for submitting comments in the consultation process is 1 October 2021.

Comments should preferably be sent electronically to e-mail address