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§ 33 Notification and reporting of diving operations in connection with onshore facilities

The operator or the party responsible for operating a land facility, shall submit written notification to the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority for all diving operations for which consent is not required. Notifications shall be submitted in accordance with the deadline stipulated by the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority and shall contain information on the diving site, players participating, the activity and the schedule for the operation.
The operator shall submit an activity report on manned subsea operations to the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority. This report shall be submitted no later than 14 days after the end of each half-year.
Section last changed: 01 January 2022

The reporting requirement relates to diving in “sheltered waters” in connection with land facilities, where consent is not required pursuant to Section 25. The report can form the basis for audit activities. Information regarding participating players means the name of companies, or sole proprietorships involved in the diving operation, address, etc. and contact person. Information on the activity to be carried out, means, in addition to the assignment itself, also the diving method, diving system and equipment and diving facility (vessel/barge or other).
Unless otherwise stated by the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority, the deadline for sending notification is at least three weeks prior to start-up of the diving operation.