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§ 21 Follow-up

The responsible party shall follow up to ensure that all elements in its own and other participants' management systems have been established and function as intended, and that a prudent level exists for health, safety and the environment.
This follow-up shall contribute to identify technical, operational or organisational weaknesses, failures and deficiencies.
The methods, frequency and scope of the follow-up, and the degree of independence in conducting it, shall be adapted to elements of significance to health, safety and the environment.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

Follow-up means following up the party’s own organisation, including system audits, management reviews, self-assessments, verifications, validations, measurements and surveys, see also the following standards: NS-EN ISO 9000, Chapters 3.11 and 3.13 and NS-EN ISO 9004, Chapter 8 and Appendix A of the standard as regards health, safety and working environment.
Follow-up also includes following up other participants' organisations, cf. Section 18 of the Framework Regulations.