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§ 20 Registration, review and investigation of hazard and accident situations

The responsible party shall ensure that hazard and accident situations that have occurred and that may lead to or have led to acute pollution or other harm, are recorded and examined in order to prevent recurrence.
Situations that occur frequently or that have great actual or potential consequences, shall be investigated.
Criteria shall be set for which situations that must be registered, examined and investigated, and requirements shall be set for scope and organisation.
The operator shall have a comprehensive overview of hazard and accident situations that have occurred.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

The registration as mentioned in the first subsection, should include a description of the situation, causal relations and the actual or potential consequence.
The investigation as mentioned in the second subsection, should e.g. clarify
  1. the actual course of events and the consequences,
  2. other potential courses of events and consequences
  3. nonconformities in relation to requirements, methods and procedures,
  4. human, technical and organisational causes of the hazard and accident situation, as well as in which processes and at what level the causes exist,
  5. which barriers have failed, the cause of barrier failure and which barriers should have been established, if applicable,
  6. which barriers functioned, i.e. which barriers contributed to prevent a hazard situation from developing into an accident, or which barriers reduced the consequences of an accident,
  7. which measures should be implemented to prevent similar hazard and accident situations.
The investigation as mentioned in literas a to g, shall include actions against acute pollution, where relevant.
For hydrocarbon leaks, potential courses of events and consequences should be mapped, regardless of the ignition likelihood.
The requirement for organisation as mentioned in the third subsection, should e.g. indicate when contractors and suppliers shall participate.