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§ 19 Collection, processing and use of data

The responsible party shall ensure that data of significance to health, safety and the environment are collected, processed and used for
  1. monitoring and checking technical, operational and organisational factors,
  2. preparing measurement parameters, indicators and statistics,
  3. carrying out and following up analyses during various phases of the activities,
  4. building generic databases,
  5. implementing remedial and preventive measures, including improvement of systems and equipment.
Requirements shall be set as regards the quality and validity of the data, based on the relevant need.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

This section covers requirements for all types of data of significance to health, safety and the environment. Specific data requirements for various purposes are laid down in other sections of these Regulations, as well as in the Framework Regulations, the Technical and Operational Regulations, the Activities Regulations and the Facilities Regulations.
To fulfil the data requirements as mentioned in the first subsection, literas c and d, the ISO 14224 standard should be used for reliability and maintenance data for risk analyses in the health, working environment and safety area.