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§ 16 General requirements for analyses

The responsible party shall ensure that analyses are carried out that provide the necessary basis for making decisions to safeguard health, safety and the environment. Recognised and suitable models, methods and data shall be used when conducting and updating the analyses.
The purpose of each risk analysis shall be clear, as well as the conditions, premises and limitations that form its basis.
The individual analysis shall be presented such that the target groups receive a balanced and comprehensive presentation of the analysis and the results.
The responsible party shall set criteria for carrying out new analyses and updating existing analyses as regards changes in conditions, assumptions, knowledge and definitions that, individually or collectively, influence the risk associated with the activities.
The operator or the party responsible for operating an offshore or onshore facility shall maintain a comprehensive overview of the analyses that have been carried out and are underway. Necessary consistency shall be ensured between analyses that complement or expand upon each other.
Section last changed: 01 January 2021

The term “analyses” is used in a broad sense here. Specific requirements for analyses are stated in the other sections in this chapter, in the Facilities and Activities Regulations, and in the Technical and Operational Regulations.
Recognised methods and models as mentioned in the first subsection, mean the methods and models that have been tested and validated prior to use. Suitable methods and models as mentioned in the first subsection, mean that various models and methods shall be evaluated and selected in relation to the individual analysis’ purpose and need for decision support.
The requirement to use recognised and suitable data as mentioned in the first subsection, entails clearly detailing that the data is representative and valid, as well as its limitations.
Target groups as mentioned in the third subsection, means e.g. decision-makers, employees and their elected representative.
The requirement to establish criteria for updating existing analyses or for carrying out new analyses as mentioned in the fourth subsection, apply to changes in or deviations from the purpose, limitations, assumptions and premises used as a basis in existing analyses. The criteria shall be established solely with a view to securing the necessary basis for decisions, as mentioned in the first subsection.