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§ 40 Material and information to be sent to other institutions

The operator shall ensure that
  1. results from preliminary surveys (route surveys) as mentioned in Section 15 of the Activities Regulations are submitted to the Norwegian Hydrographic Service,
  2. samples from preliminary surveys as mentioned in Section 15 of the Activities Regulations, that show the condition of the seabed, are offered to the Geological Survey of Norway when the laboratory work on these samples is complete,
  3. information on the location of permanently placed and mobile facilities as mentioned in Section 47 of the Framework Regulations, as well as temporarily secured and abandoned wells as mentioned in Section 88 of the Activities Regulations, is submitted to 'Notifications to Seafarers' (“Etterretninger for sjøfarende”) and the fishery publications, and that a copy is sent to the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority, with the exception of information about the positioning of mobile facilities,
  4. placing at sea and removal of navigation markers are announced beforehand in 'Notifications to Seafarers',
  5. establishment and cancellation of safety zones as mentioned in Chapter VIII of the Framework Regulations, are announced in 'Notifications to Seafarers' and in the fishery publications,
  6. meteorological and oceanographic data with reports on the quality of data as well as annual reports on data collection are submitted to the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, and that such reports on oceanographic data are submitted to the Institute of Marine Research,
  7. seismological data are submitted to the Institute of Solid Earth Physics or NORSAR,
  8. information on marking of facilities is submitted to the Norwegian Coastal Administration,
Section last changed: 01 January 2018

Information in the Notifications to Seafarers as mentioned in literas c and d, should be submitted 30 days before implementing the measures to which the information applies. The fishery publications as mentioned in literas c and e, are “Fiskeribladet Fiskaren”. The measured data and the report on data quality as mentioned in literas f and g, should be submitted within one month after the registration period is concluded. For information, see Section 17 of the Facilities Regulations. For information on marking of facilities, see Section 71 of the Facilities Regulations.