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§ 15 Information

The responsible party shall identify the information necessary to plan and carry out the activities and improve health, safety and the environment.
It shall be ensured that the necessary information is acquired, processed and communicated to relevant users at the right time.
Information and communication systems shall be established that safeguard the need for acquiring, processing and communicating data and information.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

There are also requirements to information needed for employees in the Regulations relating to conduct of work (in Norwegian only). They relate to
  1. work with chemicals, cf. those regulations chapter 3, except for sections 3-23, 3-24 and 3-27 as far as offshore petroleum activities are concerned,
  2. exposure to factors detrimental to reproduction, cf. those regulations chapter 7,
  3. work with work equipment that requires additional carefulness, cf. those regulations chapter 10, except for sections 10-1, 10-2 and 10-3,
  4. work involving risk of being exposed to health detrimental noise or mechanical vibrations, cf. those regulations chapter 14, except for sections 14-1 – 14-7 included, and 14-10, all as far as offshore petroleum activities are concerned,
  5. work involving risk of being exposed to artificial optic radiation, cf. those regulations chapter 16,
  6. safety signs and signaling, cf. those regulations chapter 22,
  7. work imposing ergonomic strain, cf. those regulations chapter 23,
Identify as mentioned in the first subsection, means identifying who needs which type of information, and when. The need for information will emerge e.g. from the work processes and interfaces between them, cf. Section 13.
Acquiring as mentioned in the second subsection, includes active searching in internal and external in-formation sources.
Users as mentioned in the second subsection, can be own personnel or external suppliers of services and equipment.