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§ 6 Management of health, safety and the environment

The responsible party shall ensure that the management of health, safety and the environment comprises the activities, resources, processes and organisation necessary to ensure prudent activities and continuous improvement, cf. Section 17 of the Framework Regulations.
Responsibility and authority shall be unambiguously defined and coordinated at all times.
The necessary governing documents shall be prepared, and the necessary reporting lines shall be established.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

The management of health, safety and the environment as mentioned in the first subsection, is one aspect of the management of the various activities and can therefore be integrated in their management. Thus, the requirement does not necessarily entail the establishment of a separate management system for health, safety and environment.
The management activities include
  1. setting goals, strategies and requirements,
  2. planning and execution,
  3. handling nonconformities,
  4. measurement and assessment,
  5. further development and improvement,
See also the NS-EN ISO 9004 standard.
The requirement for unambiguous definition of responsibility and authority as mentioned in the second subsection, applies for all forms of transfer of responsibility and authority, such as in connection with organisational changes or the transition from one phase to the next. The requirement for coordination entails e.g. that the responsible party also has sufficient opportunity to influence decisions within its area of responsibility. This is particularly important as regards the responsibility for safety-critical equipment and activities.
The requirement for preparing necessary governing documents as mentioned in the third subsection entails that the internal requirements for scope, contents and updating of documents shall be adapted to the responsible party’s needs.