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§ 68 Exhaust ducts

Exhaust ducts for combustion products shall be placed and designed such that hot surfaces and sparks cannot ignite potential leaks of flammable liquids and gases, and such that waste gases are not an inconvenience for personnel, or create hazardous situations for helicopter traffic.
Exhaust ducts from atmospheric tanks and vessels shall be placed and designed such that emissions of toxic or flammable gases do not entail increased risk for the personnel or the facility.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

In order to fulfil the requirement for exhaust ducts as mentioned in the first subsection, the NORSOK S-001 standard should be used with the following additions:
  1. Exhaust ducts should be designed so that the exhaust gases are routed to unclassified areas,
  2. If water-cooled spark catchers are used, a signal should sound in the central control room in the event of a failure in the water supply.
With regard to exhaust ducts from reconditioning plants in drilling fluid systems, see Section 51.