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§ 63 Anchoring and positioning

Floating facilities shall have systems designed to hold their position at all times and, if necessary, be able to move from their position in the event of a hazard and accident situation.
Dynamic positioning systems shall be designed so that the position can be maintained during defined failures and damage to the system, as well as during accidents. Components and equipment shall be designed so that the total system satisfies the requirements for a certain equipment class, cf. Section 90 of the Activities Regulations.
Section last changed: 01 January 2016

Tension legs are load-bearing structures comprised by Section 56.
For general requirements related to loads, load effects and resistance, see Section 11.
For design of dynamic positioning systems as mentioned in the last subsection, the technical provisions in the IMO MSC/Circular 1580 standard should be used.
For requirements related to disconnection of risers, see Section 50.