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§ 49 Well control equipment

Well control equipment shall be designed and capable of activation such that it ensures both barrier integrity and well control. For drilling where drilling mud returns to the facility and no blowout preventer is installed, equipment shall be installed with a capacity to divert gas and formation fluids away from the facility until the personnel have been evacuated. The equipment shall be installed for drilling through risers when the blowout preventer is installed on the seabed.
The pressure control equipment used in well interventions shall have remote-controlled valves with mechanical locking mechanisms in the closed position.
Well intervention equipment shall have a remote-controlled shear/blind ram as close to the christmas tree as possible.
Floating facilities shall have an alternative activation system for activating critical functions on the blowout preventer for use in the event of an evacuation.
Floating facilities shall also have the capacity to disconnect the riser package after the shear ram has cut the work string.
Section last changed: 01 January 2016

In order to fulfil the requirement relating to design of well control equipment as mentioned in the first subsection, the NORSOK D-001 standard Chapters 5 and 6 should be used.
In order to fulfil the requirement relating to equipment as mentioned in the first subsection, second sentence, the NORSOK D-010 standard Chapter 6.7.2 and NORSOK D-001 Chapters 5 and 6 and Appendices A, B and C should be used for diverter lines, with the following addition: for dynamically positioned facilities that drill top hole sections, a straight pipeline can be used, but without valve outlets and with an inner diameter of at least 400 mm (16”).
In the event of well interventions as mentioned in the third subsection, including cable, coiled tubing and snubbing activities through the christmas tree, drill pipe or casing that has not been set, the NORSOK D-002 standard should be used.
An alternative system for activation as mentioned in the fourth subsection, means a system that is acoustically operated, ROV-operated or remote-controlled in some other way.
The shear ram should have the capacity to cut the work string, with the exception of collars and bottomhole string components. All outlets for the blowout preventer's circulation lines should be equipped with two closing arrangements as close to the outlet as possible.
For mobile facilities that are registered in a national ship register, DNV-OS-E101 Chapter 2, Section 5, Paragraph 3 may be used as an alternative to NORSOK D-001.