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§ 39 Ballast system

Floating facilities shall be equipped with robust ballast, discharge and drainage systems to maintain necessary draught, stability and hull strength under normal use. Moreover, the ballast system shall be able to bring the facility to a safe condition following an unintended draught, trim or heel. The systems shall be able to empty and fill all tanks and empty watertight spaces in an efficient manner.
Section last changed: 01 January 2016

To fulfil the requirements to ballast systems the Norwegian Maritime Authority’s Regulations relating to ballast systems on mobile facilities (in Norwegian only) should be used, plus NORSOK S-001 standard Chapter 24.4.
To fulfil the requirements to discharge and drainage systems in non-hazardous areas (no hazardous explosive atmosphere under normal operations) DNVGL-OS-D101 Chapter 2, Section 3 should be used.