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§ 31 Fire divisions in living quarters

The living quarters shall be protected by fire divisions that, as a minimum, satisfy fire rating
  1. H-60 for external walls which may be exposed to hydrocarbon fire,
  2. A-60 for other external walls,
  3. A-0 for external walls on the living quarters that are located on a separate facility at a safe distance from production or drilling facilities, and for external walls on the emergency quarters on simpler facilities, if these quarters are separated from the production or wellhead areas with a main fire division that, as a minimum, satisfies fire rating H-0.
The internal design of the living quarters shall be such that it limits the spread of fire.
Section last changed: 01 January 2021

If the living quarters are located on a separate facility as mentioned in the first subsection litera c, external surfaces and distance to nearby facilities should nevertheless be such that a fire on these nearby facilities or in the surroundings (the sea) does not entail an unacceptable risk for personnel and functions in the living quarters.
In order to fulfil the requirement relating to interior design as mentioned in the second subsection, the NORSOK S-001 standard Chapter 20.4.6 should be used.