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§ 28 Safety signs

In the event that exposing employees to a risk of accidents or health hazards cannot be avoided using technical measures or other facilitation, safety signs shall be posted.
Safety signs shall be posted at the entrance to rooms and near zones or equipment where employees can be exposed to a risk of accidents or health hazard.
Response, rescue and evacuation equipment, as well as the route to this equipment, shall also be posted with such signs.
Section last changed: 01 January 2013

Regulations laid down by the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion 6 December 2011, pursuant to the Working Environment Act, and entering into force 1 January 2013, contain further provisions on safety signs and signalling. Clarification of the scope is directly evident from the individual regulations. In addition, reference is made to the lawmirror (in Norwegian only) of the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, in which the requirement of the regulations that are being repealed upon entering into force of the new regulations in pursuance of the Working Environment Act, are included.
For safety signs as referred to in the final subsection, the standards NORSOK C-002 and NS 6033 can also be used.