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§ 1 Scope

These regulations apply to offshore petroleum activities, with exceptions as mentioned in Section 4 of the Framework Regulations.
Requirements for facilities in these regulations also apply to installations and equipment necessary to carry out manned underwater operations from vessels.
Requirements in Sections 13, 56, 62, 69 and 72 of these regulations also apply to those parts of a vessel necessary to ensure that petroleum activities on simpler facilities will be prudent, cf. Section 2 and Section 10 of the Framework Regulations.
As regards mobile facilities registered in a national shipping register, and which adhere to a maritime operational concept, relevant technical requirements in the Norwegian Maritime Authority's regulations for mobile facilities (the Red Book) as they read after the amendments in 2007 and subsequent amendments, form the basis with the following clarifications and limitations, cf. Section 3 of the Framework Regulations:
  1. Section 3 of the Framework Regulations only covers provisions relating to matters of a maritime character that are not directly related to the petroleum function the facility is intended to carry out. The section does not include provisions regarding:
    1. drilling and process equipment,
    2. universal audio and visual alarms,
    3. equipment for personnel transport and requirements for personnel transport on the drill floor,
    4. the working environment in general,
  2. the facility shall be used in a manner that makes it possible to use a flag and classification practice that involves a calendar-based recertification, including a five-year main inspection,
  3. which operational assumptions form the basis for engineering, construction and use shall be clear,
  4. any exemptions granted by the flag state authority shall be evaluated and presented to the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority for assessment if they have significance for safety in the petroleum activities,
  5. provisions regarding documentation, supervision, approvals, etc. do not apply, unless otherwise directly evident from the petroleum regulations.
Section last changed: 01 January 2016

The scope of these regulations has been limited compared with the Framework Regulations, so that they only apply to offshore petroleum activities.
The second subsection makes individual requirements in these regulations applicable also for installations and equipment for conducting manned underwater operations from vessels.
For comments to the fourth subsection of this section, see the guidelines regarding Section 3 of the Framework Regulations.