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§ 82 Well location and wellbore

The well location and wellbore shall be known at all times and selected based on well parameters of significance for a safe drilling and well activity. It shall be possible to drill a relief well from two alternative locations. The locations shall be mapped and known in advance, cf. also Section 28.
If the distance to adjacent wells is less than the defined minimum distance, restrictions shall be set, cf. Section 28, second subsection.
Section last changed: 01 January 2013

In order to fulfil the requirement relating to well location and wellbore as mentioned in the first subsection, the NORSOK D-010 standard, Chapters 5.3 and 6.7.4 should be used, with the following addition: the well's location and wellbore should be stated in Universal Transverse of Mercator (UTM) coordinates.