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§ 74 Shared use of emergency preparedness resources

When cooperating on shared use of different operators' emergency preparedness resources, the cooperation shall be regulated by agreement.
When using vessels and mobile facilities registered in a national ship register, the operator shall coordinate its own and the contractor's emergency preparedness plans, cf. Section 20, first subsection of the Framework Regulations.
The operator shall ensure that the emergency preparedness is coordinated with the public rescue service, the rest of the national health and care service and municipal emergency preparedness in accordance with the Public Health Act Section 28 (in Norwegian only), so that the chain of action for rescued, ill or injured personnel is coherent and professionally sound, cf. Section 20, second subsection of the Framework Regulations.
Section last changed: 01 January 2016

Contractual cooperation as mentioned in the first subsection, means, for example, entering into agreements relating to common emergency preparedness plans or agreements to use the emergency preparedness resources of others to ensure optimal emergency response in major acute incidents within an area or region. The availability of public resources in acute pollution situations will depend on no other prioritised activities being underway. Necessary evaluations of sensitivity and uncertainty with respect to availability of such resources shall be performed.