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§ 35 Psychosocial aspects

The employers shall ensure a good psychosocial working environment by considering conditions that can influence the employees' health, safety and welfare. Special emphasis shall be accorded the interaction between requirements for work performance, the employees' perception of control over their own work and social support in the working environment.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

Aspects as mentioned in the first sentence, can include
  1. requirements relating to efficiency and workload in relation to the resources available for conducting the work tasks,
  2. the work's complexity in relation to competence and resources,
  3. opportunities for variation and stimulation in the job,
  4. opportunities for independence and influence on important decisions,
  5. opportunities for career development and utilisation of own competence,
  6. climate of co-operation, handling of disagreements, conflicts and harassment,
  7. work management, including feedback and follow-up in the daily work,
  8. night work and working alone.