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§ 26 Safety systems

The measures and restrictions that are necessary for maintaining the safety systems’ barrier functions in the event of overbridging, disconnection or other impairment, shall be set in advance. The compensatory measures shall be implemented as rapidly as possible when such impairment occurs.
The status of all safety systems shall be known by and available for relevant personnel at all times.
Section last changed: 01 January 2014

A safety system means technical barrier elements realised in a common system, cf. the Management Regulations Section 5 and the Facilities Regulations Section 3.
The requirement in the first subsection entails that the measures and limitations shall result in a risk reduction which is relevant, and which is proportionate to the barrier functions that are affected; examples of which are limitation in the level of activities, full shut down or other risk reducing measures.
The status of active safety systems, cf. the second subsection, shall be available in the central control room, cf. the Facilities Regulations Section 8.
To fulfil the requirements for measures and limitations as mentioned in the first subsection, Chapter 7.7 of the IEC 61508-1 standard and Chapter 7.6 of the IEC 61508-2 standard , and Chapters 10 and 11 of Norwegian Oil and Gas’ Guidelines no. 070 should be used for electrical, electronic and programmable electronic safety systems.