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§ 25 Use of facilities

Use of facilities and parts of these shall be in accordance with requirements stipulated in and in pursuance of the health, safety and environment legislation and any additional limitations that follow from fabrication, installation and commissioning. The use shall at all times be in accordance with the facility's technical condition and the assumptions for use that form the basis for prudent activities.
When setting restrictions for the activity level on the facility, the maintenance status shall also be considered.
Section last changed: 01 January 2014

Limitations for use as mentioned in the first subsection, can ensue from the loads that the facility and its individual parts shall be able to withstand, cf. Section 11 of the Facilities Regulations. The loads can include chemical loads, environmental loads such as waves, wind and temperature and functional loads such as pressure, weight, temperature and vibration.
When conducting drilling and well activities with mobile facilities, the vertical movements of the facility and movements brought about by resonance between the wave frequency and the frequency of the facility itself should also be taken into account, as well as movements in the event of loss of position due to anchor line breakage or drift, or because of dynamic positioning failure. Cf. Section 50 of the Facilities Regulations.
Facilities and parts thereof as mentioned in the first subsection, also include less complex facilities as mentioned in Section 6 of the Facilities Regulations and temporary equipment.
In order to fulfil the requirement for use as mentioned in the first subsection, the NORSOK Z-015N standard should be used for temporary equipment.
Status as mentioned in the second subsection, means, inter alia, the backlog of preventive maintenance and the outstanding corrective maintenance.
When using facilities, systems and equipment beyond the original intended period, the party responsible should systematically review the effects of degradation and changes that have occurred, and expected degradation and changes over extended periods. In order to fulfil requirements for the conditions for use for an extended period, updated knowledge, data and information should be taken into account. The assessments should be based on Norwegian Oil and Gas’ guidelines 122. For structures and marine systems, the NORSOK N-006 standard should also be used. For classified facilities DNVGL-RU-OU-0300, Chapter 2, Section 1, point 5 should be taken into account.