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§ 19 Accommodation and cabin sharing

Cabin sharing is not permitted unless the conditions of second subsection are satisfied. Cabin sharing means that two persons have the use of the same single cabin for 24 hours, but in such a way that both of them sleep alone.
Following discussions with the employee representatives, cabin sharing can be used in the following cases:
  1. restoring of physical barriers and in other acute situations
  2. turnaround/revision stop
  3. hook-up and start-up
In the event of cabin sharing as given in second subsection litera b and c, the total individual strain shall be taken into account and, if necessary, use of cabin sharing shall be spread so that it comprises all employees accommodated on the facility at the time in question. Use of cabin sharing shall be compensated for.
In the event of a decision regarding the duration and scope of such accommodation, cf. also Section 11 of the Management Regulations, the consequences shall be clarified and compensating measures shall be implemented to ensure safety and necessary rest and restitution. Which compensating measures to implement, shall be discussed with the employee representatives.
Section last changed: 01 July 2012

For the design of cabins, refer to Section 58 of the Facilities Regulations.
A physical barrier means a function that can prevent or limit harm in the event of an unwanted incident. Other acute situations may, inter alia, constitute hazard and accident situations that have occurred, weather conditions that reduce the possibility of transporting personnel from the facility etc.
A turnaround/revision stop is a pre-planned period in which the operations on the facility have been shut down in order to carry out an accumulated portfolio of extensive and necessary maintenance, modifications, improvements, inspections etc.
Hook-up and start-up is the period from a new facility is placed on the field to hydro carbons are contained in the processing systems, and production has started. In this period, the facility will be commissioned; all systems hooked up, tested and started.
Cabin sharing is contingent upon compensation being given to those affected by it directly. It is an established practice between the parties to come up with solutions as far as compensation is concerned, and reference can be made, for that matter, to existing arrangements in this respect.