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§ 50 Special requirements for technical condition monitoring of structures, maritime systems and pipeline systems

Technical monitoring of new structures and maritime systems shall be carried out during their first year of service.
For new types of load-bearing structures, data shall be collected during two winter seasons to compare them with the design calculations.
When using facilities beyond their original design life, instrumentation of relevant structure sections shall be considered so as to measure any ageing effects.
When facilities are disposed of, the operator shall carry out studies of the structure's condition. The results shall be used to assess the safety of similar facilities.
On pipeline systems where failure modes may constitute an environmental or safety hazard, cf. Section 46, inspections shall be carried out to monitor potential failure modes that may affect the integrity of the pipeline system.
The first inspection shall be performed after the maintenance programme as mentioned in Section 47. The timing shall be based on the risk assessments performed, cf. Section 46.
Section last changed: 01 January 2018

Floating facilities which shall be inspected and maintained at sea without regular dry-docking, should use DNVGL-RU-OU-0102, Chapter 2, Section 1, Part 12.
For information about the second subsection, see Section 17 of the Facilities Regulations.
The examinations as mentioned in the fourth subsection, should particularly be carried out with a view towards projected new facilities and use of facilities beyond their original planned lifetime in mind.
Failure modes as mentioned in the fifth subsection, mean both external and internal failure modes.