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§ 8 The health service

The operator or the party responsible for operating a facility shall ensure that anyone staying on the facility has access to professionally competent health services, cf. Section 16 of the Framework Regulations.
A physician shall have the professional responsibility for the health service.
The necessary number of nurses shall at all times be present on the facility to ensure prudent safeguarding of the health service's tasks.
The enterprise shall employ or have on-call other health personnel to the extent necessary.
The health service shall take a separate and independent position in health-related matters.
For storage vessels with maritime crew, there is an opening to organize the health service in accordance with requirements in the Norwegian Maritime Authority's regulations. The operator shall demonstrate that the overall emergency preparedness is prudently dimensioned and organized.
Section last changed: 01 January 2018

The health service means the organisation, the personnel and the resources that are necessary in order to attend to the health-related matters in the petroleum activities as mentioned in Section 6 of the Framework Regulations.
When health personnel carry out tasks as mentioned in Section 5, the responsibility, authority and prioritisation of work tasks shall be clearly defined as mentioned in Section 13 of the Management Regulations.
In order to ensure satisfactory services, the rule stating that a physician shall have a special professional responsibility for the health service on the continental shelf, shall be continued. Physicians that participate in the health service, should have general medical experience and insight. The responsible physician shall have Norwegian authorisation or licence according to Sections 48 or 49 of the Health Personnel Act (in Norwegian only). The same applies to nurses.
In those cases where a nurse leaves the facility to accompany a patient to land, the requirement in the third subsection implies that compensating measures shall be implemented, and that the nurse returns to the facility as soon as possible.
In order to fulfil the requirement for adequate health services as mentioned in the first subsection, Chapter 5.1 of the NORSOK U-100N standard should be used for manned underwater operations.