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§ 14 Cleaning

Cleaning shall be planned and conducted such that the indoor environment is hygienic and aesthetically satisfactory at all times.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

In connection with planning and execution of cleaning activities, the NS-INSTA 800 standard should be used, with the following additions:
  1. it is assumed that a decision regarding the level of quality is made as mentioned in Section 11 of the Management Regulations,
  2. when planning the cleaning, the load in the various areas should, inter alia, be used as a basis. In addition, the health service should take part in the planning. Cf. also Section 29.
Cleaning is of great importance in preventing e.g. respiratory disorders. The relationship between dust and health problems in sensitive individuals and individuals with asthma and allergies is well documented. The purpose of cleaning is to reduce the occurrence of dust particles, allergens and infective agents. Another purpose of cleaning is to create general welfare and well-being.
Main cleaning of indoor areas should be carried out at least once per year.