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§ 7 Registration of working hours

The employer shall create a system to register and follow up working hours for all employees in the individual enterprises. The same applies to personnel in management or particularly independent positions as mentioned in Section 10-12, first and second subsection of the Working Environment Act, when this position is important as regards safety.
When work is carried out on several work sites for the same employer, this employer shall register the total working hours.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

Working hours as mentioned in the first subsection, mean the actual time worked, including both normal working hours and any overtime.
To follow up working hours as mentioned in the first subsection, entails that the employer has a responsibility for own employees not working more than permitted, cf. Chapter VI of the Framework Regulations.
The working time registers shall be available to the employee representatives, cf. Section 10-7 of the Working Environment Act.