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§ 6 Medical examinations for employees

The employer shall ensure the employees are offered regular health examinations to reveal long-term effects of working environment factors.
Employees who have undergone biological examinations shall have access to the results that concern to what extent he/she has been exposed to hazardous conditions.
The employer shall also ensure the employees are offered a health examination before they are assigned work that can entail particular health risks, so that preventive measures can be implemented.
Employees who have been subjected to hazardous exposure in their work, shall be offered special health examinations if they are still employed, so that any corrective measures can be implemented.
Section last changed: 01 January 2011

Long-term effects of working environment factors as mentioned in the first subsection, include long-term effects of hazardous noise.
For requirements related to health examinations as mentioned in the third subsection, reference is made to Section 3-1, second subsection, litera g and Section 10-11, seventh subsection of the Working Environment Act.
Health-hazardous exposure as mentioned in the fourth subsection, includes exposure to
  1. hazardous noise,
  2. isocyanates or air containing lead,
  3. heightened ambient pressure,
  4. asbestos dust,
  5. carcinogenic substances.
In order to fulfil the requirement for medical examination, the Norwegian Board of Health Supervision's guidelines regarding physicians in connection with examination of professional divers should be used for participants in manned underwater operations.