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§ 14 Design and use of facilities

Facilities shall be based on robust and simplest possible solutions and designed so that
  1. the possibility for human error is limited
  2. they or it can be operated, tested and maintained without danger to the personnel and with the lowest possible risk of pollution
  3. they or it is suitable for use and capable of withstanding the loads they or it can be exposed to during operation.
Use of facilities and parts of these shall be in accordance with requirements stipulated in and in pursuance of the safety legislation and any additional restrictions that follow from fabrication, installation and commissioning. At all times, the use shall be in accordance with the facility’s technical condition and the assumptions for use that form the basis for prudent activities.
When setting restrictions for the activity level on the facility, the maintenance status shall also be considered.
Section last changed: 25 February 2020

For comments on the first subsection of the provision, reference is made to the guidelines for Sections 45, 47 and 49 of the Framework Regulations.
For design as mentioned in the second subsection, NORSOK U-001 and ISO 13628 should be used for subsea installations.
By status as mentioned in the fourth subsection, is meant, among other things, the backlog of preventive maintenance and the outstanding corrective maintenance.