The pace is quickening again in the petroleum industry. Oil and gas prices have
yielded record profits, tax arrangements ensure full speed ahead in developing
new fields, and the fight is on over expertise. The government has signalled that the industry will be developed, not wound up.

At the same time, companies are meeting ever stricter requirements from
both politicians and society as a whole relating to climate, sustainability and the
energy transition.

A number of companies have drawn up strategies for change, and are working
to enter new areas. They are committing to renewable energy, low-emission
solutions and such climate measures as carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Changes to the industry also affect the PSA. Our expertise is finding applications in new areas, such as offshore wind power and CCS.
At the same time, we are paying close attention to the industry’s restructuring work in order to reassure ourselves that the priorities set do not undermine safety.

Our annual main issue sends an important signal to the industry and provides
a basis for discussions on and measures for improvement. This edition summarises work on the 2021 issue and looks at what effect it has had.

We also present our main issue for next year: Capacity and competence – the
key to safety. This topic is highly relevant for both the future of oil and gas and the development of new energy sectors.

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