This conference provides a valuable meeting place and arena for discussion on issues concerning health, safety and the environment (HSE) in the petroleum sector. The 2019 programme takes place on 28 May under the title “safety and vulnerability”.

The Safety Forum has established five tripartite groups drawn from employers, unions and government which are following up the recommendations in Report no 12 (2018) to the Storting on HSE. This work has a high priority, and its results will be shared with the industry at the conference. Attention will concentrate on implementation of measures.

Safety is a precondition for the petroleum industry. The regulatory regime, based on collaboration between the parties, performance-based regulations, dialogue and a clear division of responsibility between the parties, remains unchanged. At the same time, the vulnerability of the system must be acknowledged. The pace of change is high, with digitalisation, new technology, a new geopolitical context and climate challenges.

The programme includes presentations and discussions on important safety-related challenges and vulnerabilities. You will also receive first-hand information on much of the work now under way to improve and strengthen safety in the petroleum industry.